Deep cleaning for apartments and houses in Chisinau starting from 2500 lei.

Keep Clean in Chisinau specializes in deep cleaning apartments and houses. Our cleaning service guarantees the highest quality to create perfect cleanliness in your home. Trust us for impeccable care of your house.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning from Keep Clean is a special approach to creating a clean and cozy space. Our professionals offer

General cleaning of apartments

Deep cleaning for an apartment introduces a new level of cleanliness and freshness to your home. Our specialists meticulously clean every corner, ensuring immaculate cleanliness from ceiling to floor.

Deep cleaning for homes

During a comprehensive home or cottage cleaning, we offer a complete range of services for deep cleaning the entire space. From high ceilings to small nooks and crannies, we create an atmosphere that's full of freshness and order.

Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet

Our professionals ensure an intensive deep cleaning of the key areas in your home. The kitchen becomes a space of perfect cleanliness, while the bathroom and toilet sparkle after disinfection and thorough cleaning.


"If you haven't had a comprehensive cleaning in your apartment for a while or if no one has lived in it, it's time to turn to a cleaning company. Our professional 'Keep Cleaners' can handle a large amount of work in one day. General cleaning is needed if you want to bring your apartment, house, or office into perfect order. We remove dirt even from the most hard-to-reach places, starting from the space between the ceiling and kitchen cabinets and finishing with the tiles under the bathtub. Thanks to our diligent cleaners and gentle products, the lifespan of your furniture is extended."
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