Post-construction cleaning in Chisinau starting from 2500 lei.

Keep Clean offers professional post-construction cleaning to make your home shine with cleanliness. Our team of cleaners will rid your space of construction dust, paint splatters, and other renovation residues. Trust us for impeccable cleanliness after the completion of renovation work.

Post-renovation cleaning

After renovation, your home deserves perfect cleanliness. Keep Clean provides professional cleaning, freeing the space from construction dust and leftover materials, so you can enjoy the freshness and comfort in your newly updated space.

Apartment cleaning after renovation

After completing an apartment renovation, ensuring perfect cleanliness is crucial. Our team of professional cleaners meticulously removes construction debris, dust, and dirt left after renovations, preparing your space entirely for occupancy. We offer a comprehensive approach to cleaning, guaranteeing that your apartment shines with cleanliness and freshness after all renovation works are finished.

Cleaning homes after renovations

Cleaning homes after renovations typically require a more detailed and comprehensive approach due to their larger size and multiple rooms. This includes cleaning a larger area, more extensive spaces, possibly multiple floors, and additional common areas. Homes also often feature a variety of surfaces such as garages and other attributes that require extra attention and cleaning.

Post-renovation cleaning: kitchen, bathroom, and toilet

Cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet after renovation usually demands particular attention to detail. These spaces are often affected by construction dust, leftover materials, and dirt. Post-renovation, they require thorough cleaning: clearing walls, floors, dust removal from surfaces, as well as sanitizing fixtures. Additionally, cleaning residue from construction materials might be needed on the stove, sink, bathtub, toilet, and other surfaces.


Post-renovation cleaning usually includes:
  1. Dust Removal: Cleaning surfaces from the dust generated during renovation works.
  2. Floor Cleaning: Vacuuming and mopping to remove construction debris and dirt from floors.
  3. Surface Cleaning: Wiping and cleaning surfaces to eliminate stains, dust, and dirt.
  4. Sanitizing Fixtures: Cleaning the bathtub, sink, and toilet from construction materials and dust.
  5. Window Cleaning: Removing paint marks, adhesive, and dust from window frames and glass.
  6. Kitchen Surface Cleaning: Cleaning kitchen surfaces, stovetops, and other appliances from dirt and dust.
These are general points, and the extent of the work may vary depending on the nature and scale of the renovation carried out.

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