Maintenance cleaning for apartments and houses in Chisinau at optimal prices.

Keep Clean provides maintenance cleaning for apartments and houses: from monthly to weekly. Reliable cleanliness with advantageous terms!

Maintenance cleaning

Our team of professionals cares about every detail, offering a wide range of services - from weekly to monthly cleaning. Trust us to keep your home always shining with cleanliness and freshness.

Monthly cleaning

Monthly cleaning from Keep Clean - your solution for consistent home cleanliness with up to 15% savings! Our special offer allows you to enjoy impeccable cleanliness and save up to 15% on our services with regular bookings.
Trust the professionals and relish the freshness of your home without the extra hassle. Order monthly cleaning now and save while maintaining the ideal cleanliness of your home. You can also opt for services like Deep Cleaning

Weekly cleaning

Weekly cleaning - an even more advantageous offer compared to monthly! Keep Clean is pleased to offer you special prices for weekly cleaning, ensuring the perfect cleanliness of your home at an even more attractive rate.
Our team of professionals takes care of your home, providing regular cleaning on your schedule at an optimal price. Don't miss the opportunity to maintain your home's cleanliness every week while saving more with Keep Clean! Also, when choosing weekly cleaning, you can benefit from a discount on services like Furniture Cleaning.


Periodic cleaning in an apartment is a way to maintain a high level of cleanliness and order in the house. It helps to remove accumulated dirt and dust, prevents the buildup of bacteria and allergens, and improves overall hygiene in the home. Regular cleaning also contributes to the longevity of furniture and surfaces, creating a comfortable and pleasant living atmosphere.
Why Keep Clean?
All performers have undergone security checks by our security service.
We assign a permanent performer.
We carefully select and train our performers.
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We strive to do everything to make it convenient for you.
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We value your time and ensure quality.
How we work?
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Cost calculation
Our manager will contact you to clarify all the details and specifics of the upcoming cleaning.
At your convenience, our specialists will come to you and carry out the cleaning.
After you confirm that everything is done according to your wishes.
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